Friday, July 29, 2005

Seven Swords and Such

Last night we went to see Seven Swords. It was a very long movie but quite good.

There's this thing about Chineses movies that I just noticed, especially those kung-fu epics. Mood shots. Long, slow mood shots of scenery, brooding people etc that are quite nice if done properly but get really old if overdone. They should cut back on that. It doesn't help with the story.

Like in Seven Swords. There were lots of scenes they could have just left out. It would've made the movie shorter.

That's my only complaint actually. It was a good movie. Kung-Fu movies rarely suck. Ok, sometimes they don't have much story but the action is always top knotch.

If you go to the website, it actually has more information than the movie itself, especially about the swords and main characters.

Earlier we went to this new eatery called Sri Shan Curry and Such. It serves South Indian dishes aka your typical mamak stall stuff plus some extras. Also very good. And very authentic. I will be back there soon.

The owner came by to our table and urged us to try their fish head curry, which was a very large serving for something that she considered "small". I hate to see the extra large one.

This week, I'm getting extra money. This is always good.

And I bought a new DVD writer.

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