Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Movies That Used to Be Other Things

I found something!

Transformers!!!!! A live action one!!!! Produced by Steven Spielberg!!! Who claims to be a big fan!!! Possibly directed by Michael Bay!!!!

Oh My God.

Click on the link and watch Steven Spielberg talk about it. If he's a fan like he claims, they'd better not make any "changes" to it. So far as I can tell, the movie will be Generation 1, when Optimus Prime was a big red truck, Megatron was a Luger, Bumblebee was a yellow Beetle and Soundwave was a walkman!

Please, please, please don't change anything! I'd faint if they turned Soundwave into an I-Pod.

I wonder who the cast will be. There's not much info yet. I'll be anticipating this movie and will be there when it comes out in 2007.

I can't wait to hear Optimus say,"Autobots, roll out!" Oh yeah. And of course, to hear Starscream say,"Decepticons, retreeeeeeeeat!!".


Ok, now that I'm done with the fanboy stuff (for now..) there are quite a few more cartoon/comics/video game adaptions I want to watch on big screen actually.

Like Battletech:Mechwarrior for example. It has everything; giant robot action, conflict, politics, intrigue. Pass this to a good writer and it'll make one hell of a movie. Or better, a mini-series ala Band of Brothers. Ten episodes of Mechwarrior from the different perspectives of mechwarrior pilots, tank crews, politicians, civilians, Elementals and ground troops from all sides, Clan and Inner Sphere. It'd be awesome!

I'm not alone in wanting to see more crossover stuff like this done. Go on IMDB and somewhere (I think it was on the Doom forum) you will find discussions about Half Life and Half Life 2 movies. It would make a nice movie too.

But the problem with Hollywood is the "changes" they like to make, ostensibly to appeal to non-fans.

Witness that horrible Wing Commander movie. I'd like to see this movie remade. The original was aweful. It had so many changes, it was unrecognisable.

They'd better not touch my Transformers! But I have faith in Spielberg. Changes or not, at least the quality of the film will be good, at least. And if Michael Bay is directing, I expect lots and lots of explosions.

Another series of games that would make a good movie/miniseries would be the Baldur's Gate series. Ahh, Baldur's gate. I still say it's the best ever role-playing game I've ever played on PC. Great epic story. It might be as good as Lord of The Rings and miles ahead of that crapo Dungeons and Dragons thing they tried. It was very poor and as an ex Dungeons and Dragons player, I was horribly disappointed.

I also think it's about time someone made a Warhammer 40K movie. A live action one would be nice but a CG one would do as well. As long as the story is "canon" and well written. Fans of Warhammer would never settle for something not canon, that much I can say.

There's a hell of a lot of stuff I want to see made into movies and miniseries. If I were to make a list, it would be endless. No matter what it is, the nicest part of all this speculation is the topic of casting. Like nights when we talk about stuff like a GI Joe and Sabre Rider. Who'll play who?

I wish I could remember those conversations, then maybe I'll be able to put the cast list here. It's fun. Try it. Pick a favourite cartoon/comic/game and try and cast it. Hours of fun guaranteed.

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