Thursday, July 21, 2005


I remember a conversation a while ago about publicity and blogging. This was in the wake of the Sarong Party Girl controversy and those bloggers who made the Star article.

I wouldn't reveal my name or my url. I'll be totally anonymous, if I ever make the paper. Actually, I have made the paper a few times in the last few months, but nothing related to blogging. I didn't reveal my real name either.

Last year, I'd probably reveal my name and url with glee. How things change eh?

When it comes to mainstream media, I'd rather avoid the publicity because inevitably, it brings some negative attention. Sure, I should stand firm and ignore the trolls and brickbats who try to bring me down and accuse me of all kinds of attention seeking.

And people should learn to forge ahead and ignore cynical criticism. The question is, is all that crap worth it? Is the juice worth the squeeze?

I like my blog, but I'd rather not make it cause any unnecessary stress. Unnecessary, that's the point. For a worthy cause or a good reason, I can take quite a bit of shit. Entertaining other people's petty jealousies and narrow mindedness is not a good enough reason.

And there's so many people who are still too conservative and too narrow minded in this country. Too many. And for that reason, I honestly think that unfortunately, Malaysia is not ready for full blown free speech. Too many people still too busybody. Too many people still can't leave well enough alone. Too many people can't respect other people's opinions. Too many people can't agree to disagree and live and let live.

But when blogging's concerned, let's not let that stop us from doing it. I know I won't. I think as the older generation dies out and the youth take over, society will gradually open up. That is, if the youth don't let their older mentors poison them with ultra conservatism. Or for that matter, ultra liberalism.

I don't like it either way. I don't like extreme views. I took a political compass test once. The result says, I'm a left centrist. I'm liberal, but I'd be comfortable with some measure of control. I want freedom of expression, use it and endorse it, but not when it becomes an instrument of hate and division. To incite hatred on religious or racial grounds or any other lame excuse is not an acceptable use of freedom of expression. And I think the government should ease up on censorship, which borders on silliness right now. At the same time, excessive violence and porn has no place on primetime.

I think I may have gone astray topicwise. But this kind of thing makes a good topic for discussion actually, I think.

What was I talking about? Oh yes, no thank you to negative publicity. So, I'll stay happily anonymous. No need for me to worry about that actually, it's not as if this blog is good enough for the papers and other mainstream media. It's just me being myself. No controversy (I hope). Nothing to see here.

Fame is one of those things that look good on paper. And like all things good on paper, it ain't all that good most of the time.

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