Saturday, January 05, 2008

Clash With The Titans!

Something interesting just occurred to me just a moment ago.

I've been playing Titan Quest : Immortal Throne over the last week. The week before that I was playing God of War 2 on my PS2.

It occurred to me that both games begin in Greece and uses Greek Mythology as a backdrop, namely the conflict between the Greek pantheon and the Titans. Interesting coincidence no?

Anyway, today I'm going to write about Titan Quest. God of War 2 is so famous and so excellent there's not much need to discuss it.

I've never even heard of TitanQuest and the expansion Immortal Throne until one of my friends told me to try it out. It is an hack and slash action RPG. Which means that its a Diablo ripoff, which means lots of combat with monsters which also means lots of mouse clicking. Gameplay? It's a Diablo clone. Lots of clicking...

So what's so good about a Diablo clone and how does it compare to the original? Usually clones of popular games are never really as good as the original. But not Titan Quest for it is a good Diablo clone. I'm sure many gamers have fond memories of all those hours spent clicking away in Diablo/Diablo2. Play Titan Quest and prepare to get nostalgic . In a good way.

In fact I'm starting to think maybe it's better than Diablo and Diablo 2. Not only from the technological point of view where it obviously is superior. Titan Quest's got some really neat features.

I remember in Diablo you could pick between three types of characters. In Diablo 2, you can pick from five. In Titan Quest and it's expansion, you can pick from many, many classes. I really do mean lots.

I also like how they made loot more "believable". It's a "what you see is what you get" kind of system.

If you kill a boar you won't get weapons and armour, for instance. Instead, you might get a boar hide trinket which you can use to enchant your stuff. Same goes with other animals. If you take out an archer, you will get a bow (obviously). If you see an archer using a bow that looks different from the weapons of his/her other bow using colleagues, it's a special item and you can pick it up if you kill the archer. Whatever weapon and equipment your enemy is using is exactly what will drop when you kill it.

I like this loot system. It's a small feature but I really, really like it.

If you install Immortal Throne, there's a feature which enables you to swap items with your other single player characters. Very cool feature.

The graphics? Excellent textures and lighting. The physics? Nice ragdoll effects.

Conclusion? Diablo ripoff. But a good one. So I'm recommending this to any Diablo fan.


In other news, there was a bit of news from a colleague about this very attractive engineer here. Her current boyfriend is apparently going out with someone else behind her back. Poor girl, she is actually very, very nice.

I'm suddenly tempted to "make things interesting"so to speak.

Actually, I'm not really serious with the idea because this urge will go away in the morning . Probably...

Better not, it's not a good idea and I'll probably fail anyway.

So how's your weekend?

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