Friday, January 11, 2008


Tsk. At work now and feeling very lazy. Forgot to bring my handphone just now too.

Also, I got pissed off at a user just now. See, some people use computers to do their work but can't be bothered to learn more about how to use a computer because IT people are around. This attitude sucks and really gets my goat. If something is important to your work shouldn't you be more attentive and motivated when people are teaching you how to use it? Just because support is around doesn't mean you can ask us to do everything. Like delete old stuff. And organize your info for you. Some people, too damn lazy/dumb for their own good.

Teaching isn't even an official part of my job for crying out loud.


It's an interesting day for Kuching because the giant mall The Spring opened. I usually don't really care but when I discovered that they actually have a website my interest peaked a bit. Looks very impressive from what I can gather from the website. From what I can see, it'll resemble one of those malls in the Peninsular.

Starbucks is there so at least we don't have to drive all the way to the airport anymore although the airport one has a certain quality about it. We usually go there at night and usually there are no crowds. I hope the one at The Spring will be ok too. Of course, there's free WiFi so that's cool.

MPH will also open a bookstore there. Really looking forward to that. We need more quality bookstores in Kuching. Maybe it will help push prices down. I love reading but I've been put off by book prices recently. These days I do 98% of my recreational reading online. Thank God for the internet and free information.

The current list of tenants at the Spring are quite impressive. I hope to see the rest of the available lots taken.

As curious as I am, I'm thinking of staying away at least until the crowds ease off. This weekend, everyone and his mother will be there. I can imagine the parking horror.

I'm thinking 11.00 am this Monday would be a good time to check out the Spring. I don't think too many people will be at a mall on Monday morning. Hopefully.

In other news, I finally pried myself from my games and watched some DVDs after a long, long time.

I'm not a huge fan of musicals but Dreamgirls was awesome. A must for RnB fans and those who enjoy the Motown Sound. I was very surprised by Eddie Murphy's perfomance. He was excellent. Jamie Foxx was great too. Entertaining film for sure. And Beyonce was nice to look at, as usual... Her acting wasn't bad either...

I also watched Gridiron Gang. That Dwayne Johnson is not a bad actor at all. He's supposed to be an "action hero" but some of his stuff is quite different from the stuff other "action heroes" appear in. Unlike most "action heroes" the guy has real charm and can even be funny.

Looking forward to more great stuff from The Rock in the future.

Hopefully this week goes by quickly and without drama. This is January and time feels like it's dragging its feet...

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