Thursday, January 17, 2008

Five Minute Post

I have 5 minutes to post. In the office now. Nobody here yet.

Checked out The Spring over the last few days. Big. Impressive. Different. It's about time we get something like this around here.


I personally think that the standards of many of the stores are just a little too high for your average Kuchingite to afford (although I could be wrong about this actually). Some of the boutiques are so high end it's scary... Then again, I'm not exactly a connoisseur so obviously I can't say much..

Hopefully, the place will survive and prosper. I do like it a lot and it's a nice place to hang out. The Food Court is quite nice. I was at my friend's house yesterday delivering his PC and he told me that he absolutely loves Kluang Station. Must check it out soon.

MPH bookstores still not open yet. Really looking forward to it. The supermarket (Ta Kiong) totally rules. FOS is pretty ok too.

Yes, I'm quite cheap. Very cheap actually. Especially when it comes to clothes.

Talking about clothes, I recently realized that my so-called wardrobe is non-existent. I have like 4 pants and 5 shirts...

So I went out yesterday and bought this really good pair of pants for a extremely reasonable 70% discounted price of 29.95! Yes, I'm cheap. I need more polo shirts too. I need them for work. I'll probably go next Monday to shop for them. Cheap, functional ones that aren't too garish.

I also need new glasses.

I must make it a point to be less cheap with attire yes? After all, I'm not cheap at all when it comes to computers. Or eating out. Or booze. To be honest, I haven't really done a good job minding my appearance.

Must try harder.

In other news, I watched Elizabeth: The Golden Age. It was great! Cate Blanchett was totally awesome as The Virgin Queen. The sets, the costumes... sumptuous would be a good word to use when describing them.

I want to watch this again.

Ok, must end now. I hear people coming...


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