Sunday, January 06, 2008

Twelve Inch

Computers and computer stuff are getting cheaper and cheaper and cheaper...

Small notebook computers are very, very expensive aren't they? They usually are. 12" notebooks are usually very, very expensive.

Except now you can get one for as low as RM1999/-

I came home from work this morning to find a Dell pamphlet on my table about their new 12.1" Vostro 1200!

Twelve inch only! That's so cool. And not expensive at all. An Intel Core 2 Duo shod Vostro will cost about RM2200/- which is very competitive for a ultralight.

I can actually afford that. Shit. If only there was an available with a dedicated graphics card.

I'm sure it will be available in one or two months.

Ok, I'm off to check out other notebook brands. I wonder if HP has anything similar to this...

PS: I found a useful guide to Finding The Right Notebook.

PPS: Been through other manufacturer's websites and forums and stuff. For ultralights (12" notebooks) Vostro 1200 has the best bang for buck at the moment.

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