Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tid Bitz

I was reading and found this nice post about Christianity.

Too many "religious" people forget what their faith is all about. It's very sad. It's very easy to be judgmental, very easy to fall into the trap of smugness with ones own "greatness". Most easy when religion is involved. Oh yes, I know theology and such therefore I'm better than you all haha. That kind of thing.

This is one reason why we often have fire and brimstone specialists when it comes to religion. It's not so much serving the Church as much as serving the ego or their own personal crusades.

Most unfortunate that the Bible itself foretold such behaviour from "believers". The Devil is a wily enemy after all, using the most seemingly trivial weaknesses to undermine people. How often do religious people forget that? Often, I say.

I sometimes write about faith (mainly my own) and I think about it quite a lot, despite my regular failure to go to church (of which I'm not proud of). I would like to say that I'm not religious and I don't claim to be an expert.

I feel bad sometimes when I think about religion, seeing as I'm not the most outwardly religious person around. This is one reason why I don't really say much in real life. I could be talking about it and a potential detractor could use the fact that I'm not "qualified" to invalidate anything I say that they may not agree with. Frankly, I have no time and energy to get into things like that.

Yes, faith. This faith, is so hard to maintain in the face of the world. Sometimes, I wonder what it is all about. I wonder if it's all worth it. To keep believing that God is somehow doing what is right behind the scenes, especially considering the things happening in my own life. The boredom, the drudgery, the disappointments.

Yet there it is, the mystery of that faith. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, there it is, a tiny smidgen of it, hanging on, hoping against hope that someday all the things that I go through will be worth it somehow.

By definition, faith is irrational. It's a good thing that it is. In some ways, perhaps that is the beauty of it.

In other news, the cafeteria food is sucking even worse now than ever. Also, I notice with some distress that they are slowly and quietly taking less and less ala carte orders. They won't even fry an egg!

I guess their management doesn't know that their contract is about to be terminated very, very soon... I can't say I'll feel bad for them when it does happen.

Human nature is like that. Things look easy, you're getting fixed income and slowly you take it for granted that somehow it will never, ever end. And pretty soon, you develop a sense of entitlement and expect people to put up with your lackadaisal behaviour.

Human nature sucks.

On a lighter note, I've finally completed downloading Friends! All ten years worth of it. I will be looking for another Season 10 source though, because of that sound codec problem I had with the one I have now. Half the episodes have no sound. Fortunately the last few (especially the all important finale) isn't affected.

Next week, I'm considering buying a new hard disk. Those things are so cheap now. I might get a 250Gb one to replace my current 40gb. I only hope I have enough power to supply both my hard disks. I'm also thinking about buying a bluetooth module for my PC. With this, I can download and upload things from my phone.

I will probably do this on Thursday or Friday along with my banking chores. I also need to send a friend's notebook for repair.

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