Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Last Few Days...

"As a girl (child), you see the world as a giant candy store filled with sweet candy and such. But one day you look around and you see a prison and you're on death row. You wanna run or scream or cry but something's locking you up. Are the other folks cows chewing cud until the hour comes when their heads roll? Or are they just keeping quiet like you, planning their escape."

- Justine Last (Jennifer Aniston), The Good Girl

I watched The Good Girl again last week. I was at home, it was very early in the morning and no one was around. What a great film it is. I quite enjoy bittersweet films like this one. I love that quote in the beginning of the movie. I can relate. There are days that I too, wish I could escape from the drudgery of work and responsibilty, of routine and expectations, to be free from it all.

That freedom looks good on paper, but in real life, things are hardly so simple, as you know. It comes with a price. Justine (the main character) yearned for this freedom too. She is a woman who is bored of her life and sees no way out, until the day that she meets Holden (Jake Gylenhaal). But deep down, she knew it wasn't that easy and there is a price to pay.

Anyway, that movie is good and I urge everyone to watch it if it can be found. Or downloaded even.

I just feel like writing down thoughts today, nothing specific. Just things I think about and things I did over the last few days.

I need to cull my blogroll again. Remove some blogs and add new ones. Except that I haven't really found any blogs I want to add yet. To be fair, I've not been blogrolling as much as I used too. There are other things now. MMORPG, different groups of friends, the cat, old TV shows, etc that occupy my time.

I also need to change my links list. I have many things to add and remove. Also, the time has come for me to change the template again. Perhaps it's a good idea to make template changing an annual exercise.

I've been testing Internet Explorer 7 Beta at the office. It's not bad. Certainly less annoying than IE 6 ever was but not quite as quick as Firefox. Definitely more stable than IE 6. All in all, it's quite good. I love the new "warmer" fonts. My favourite browser is still Firefox though.

On Sunday night, we hung out at a friends place and played an Ultraman fighting game on his PS/2! It was hilarious. And nostalgic. And yes, you can see the zippers on the Ultramen suits! It's unbelievably lifelike and the detail level of the game was amazing. Did I mention that it was hilarious?

As usual, when I'm off work, I spend at least 4 hours playing World of Warcraft. I've had the most fun over the last few days.

I'm going to discuss WoW now, so feel free to skip this and go to the end.

Me and three other guys went to do Shadowfang Keep. For the uninitiated, Shadowfang Keep (SFK) is a low level 5-man dungeon with a really difficult boss at the end. It didn't bode well at first, there were only 4 of us doing a 5 man dungeon. My priest was the highest lvl character, it was down to me to keep everyone alive.

And there's the matter of not knowing how strangers online will act. Will they be nice? Will they be assholes? Will they ninja loot your treasures while you fight to stay alive?

As it turns out, this raid was the most fun raid I've ever had. We swept all before us and the other guys were real pros with good tactical sense, despite their low level characters and general noobiness. Unfortunately, we couldn't finish the raid because two of them had to sign off to go to work.

The worse part of that we had killed all except Arugal, the dungeon boss. Just one enemy left, but a real powerhouse with unfair powers like teleportation and huge magic attacks that do huge amounts of damage. Eliminate him and who knows what treasures he might've dropped! So close and yet so far.

Still, it was an awesome raid with three really great players. This is what MMO is about man.

Early yesterday morning, I took another character to do quests and was joined by two other guys. These two guys were great too. I've had a good two days of WoW and met some great characters online. My friends list has a few new entries over the last few days.

That's the funny part about WoW and many other MMORPGs.

On the two servers I play at least, the so-called "bad" side (Horde) are so much more honourable and altruistic than the "good" (Alliance) side. Frankly, also over the last few days, I've noticed the so-called "good" guys have been acting like terrorists, skulking around and killing noobs with their level 60 rogues and running away when higher level Horde players hunt for them.

How cowardly.

Still no reason to complain. I'm on a PVP (Player vs Player server) and things like this are bound to happen. Just have to suck it up.

Vengeance will be mine one day *evil laugh*

And that, was the last few days.

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