Sunday, June 11, 2006

A New Phone and A New Place to Hang Out

On Friday night, my usual cell phone (E398) suffered from a problem with the keypad. The only button that worked was the on/off button.

Yesterday, I wanted to use back my C380 but my brother was using it and there was no available backup phone. So while I was out, I decided to buy a new phone. It's about time to anyway.

I've always liked Nokia phones, so I figured this would be a great time to bo back to Nokia. I was looking around and noticed some nice 6-series Nokia phones around the RM500 - RM600 range. Very nice. That was when the sales guy offered some Motorola phones as well.

I ended up buying a Motorola L6. So much for going back to Nokia...

Anyway, it's a lovely phone. It has all the basic features. MP3 playback, 1.3MPx cam, bluetooth etc. And no unnecessary features. On top of that, unlike most cellphones, it's case was METAL! And it's wafer thin. Really thin.

The package also came with a USB connector (but oddly enough, no drivers) and a handsfree kit along with the charger. I also got me a nice transparent outer shell for the phone.. Usually I don't like those horrid phone "condoms" but this one was a nice rigid clear plastic case instead of rubber.

The price? RM450. Considering the phone, that's bloody cheap. Later today, I'm going to pass my old E398 to my colleague to repair. That's a nice phone too, I still want it around.

Also, on Thursday night, I went to Chillax for that Plush Toy Party organised by Tarlia. It was a great success. So many people came. I didn't have a plush toy though. I had an unassembled Zoid in the car which was not plush at all.

Anyway, the gathering was a blast. It's been such a long time since I've been to a gathering like that, when lots of new people come. Chillax was also a blast. What a great place to hang. Such cosiness. I'll be back for sure.

I went to Nick's house on Friday night to assemble my Zoid (Salamander) and to play games on PS/2. Once again, I find myself contemplating getting a console. Console games these days are so seriously mind-blowing.

Suddenly, considering games and technology, I shudder to think how games will look like in 10 years. Also, I shudder to think that in 10 years, I'll be 43. *Shudders*

Ten years. That's not really a long time. It "seems" like a lot of time, but in reality, not really. Scary thought. I better stop thinking about that now.

In other happenings, remember that time I had problems with my Friends Season 10 episodes that had no sound? I solved it.

I found what is probably THE most comprehensive codec pack ever, the K-Lite codec. It was smart enough to uninstall all my older codecs while I installed it too. I have quite a number of codec files. It worked flawlessly with all my videos. I'm very, very pleased with that.

I heartily recommend it for all your video needs. It's very good.

I have a long week at work ahead. And June is proceeding fairly quickly. More than half the year has gone. How has it been for everyone so far?

This will probably be a subject for a blogpost very, very soon.

Have a nice Sunday.

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