Saturday, June 24, 2006

Frustrating Week

What a frustrating (and expensive) week.

My home internet connection is a little unstable. Sometimes I can't sign in to Blogger and Yahoo.

I sent a notebook for repair last week and I got back a few days ago. It is repairable, but the cost would have been so great it would've been pointless to do so.

My car's battery problems got worse and this morning I had no choice but to buy a new battery. Since it's so early in the morning, no service centres were open and I had to get it from the first shop I saw. That shop is bloody expensive. But it was either expensive battery or yet another jumper assisted start in the office parking lot, so the choice was obvious.

My router is still dead and looks like I have to buy a new one. This may be a good thing since I was thinking about changing to wireless anyway.

And right now, I am sitting in the office feeling slightly rushed and unsettled. Last minute call back. Of all the things I dislike about work, this last minute call back thing is what bugs me the most. Things are so crazy these days at work, I can expect this last minute call back thing to happen regularly.

Funny how things started to get really busy as soon as we hired the two new guys....

So yeah, I'm feeling a little bothered. My schedule is all out of whack. And we still don't know who burnt our neighbour's house down.

The house is ok for the most part. Things are more or less normal again, apart from some parts of the house which still has no power and smells like a charcoal kiln. Every now and then it rains and water gets in the house but that's not too bad.

Also, this week I yet again, attempted to apply for some kind of credit card. I think this is like the fourth time. The credit person I dealt with is a friend of a friend. And yet again, my friend offered to set me up. I answered that with a polite no thanks.

She was ok. Nothing wrong with her. I'm still not in the mood for that kind of thing. I've seen her around before. She lives quite near.

In other news, I watched Fragile. It was great. Very, very good in fact. Horror movies are so cliched these days, but Fragile worked very well. Heck, it scared me. Great to see Calista Flockheart again.

A few weeks ago, I watched Date Movie. I like Alyson Hannigan, but let's be honest. That movie sucked. She made a big mistake picking that movie. I hope she does something to redeem herself, and fast.

In World of Warcraft, I think I've finally found a server I really enjoy. Since this is a "normal" server, where players can't kill each other willy nilly, I don't have anything to worry about. It's much, much more relaxing. I've already made some new friends and joined two guild, one for my Horde characters, one for my Alliance ones. It's been really fun and play is a lot less mean spirited and competitive.

If the line doesn't drop, that is. Or if the server doesn't inexplicably lag for no reason, which it sometimes does.

To sum up, this week's been one of those weeks when nothing works quite the way they should.

Back to work.

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