Friday, June 16, 2006

Not Really About Football

I watched England play Trinidad and Tobago early this morning.

England sucked. They were too slow in the 1st half and too rushed in the 2nd. They wasted a basketful of chances. They could've and should've buried Trinidad. But they only won 2-0.

Trinidad played very, very well with no sign of nerves whatsoever. All credit to them.

Having said that, I'm happy England have won both their games, despite the rather dubious way they won them. England all the way!

I'm also behind Australia. And of course, I hope South Korea and Japan do well too.

Ahh the World Cup...

I've only managed to catch bits of it so far. I've only watched one full game. I'll try to catch two games this morning. I can forget about the 9.00pm games. My mom watches Akademia Fantasia...

In other news, I gave up on looking for a driver for my phone. I bought a USB Bluetooth dongle instead. It's great and it opens up a whole world of possibilities, peripheral wise. Speakers, printers, cams etc.

The dongle cost RM65/- and is by MSI. Not bad at all. Now my ring tone is the intro to Metallica's Whiskey in a Jar.

In WoW news, I've decided to ditch my current US PVP server and move to an Oceanic PVE one. I got sick of being ganked and murdered by people 30 levels above me. I did not pay 14.99 USD a month just so some prepubescent puke could get his/her ya-yas off by killing me while I'm checking my ingame mail.

PVE would be a lot less stressful. For those who don't know, PVE means that players can't fight each other unless they really, really want to. PVP means you can fight other players almost anywhere.

Some people get off on PVP. That's understandable. I don't.

Also, Oceanic servers have a friendlier timezone, +10GMT. In my old server, people are asleep when I'm on. It can get very quiet. And dull.

And finally, a friend of mine called me out of the blue on Thursday morning to tell me that she loved one of my posts.

This kind of thing really makes my day. Thank you so much, you know who you are and I hope to see you soon. Please call me when you're in town.

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