Monday, June 26, 2006

Some New Stuff

I discovered this brilliantly made WoW machinima from the WoW website this morning. See it here. It's great. It's made by Taiwanese fans. It's bloody brilliant. The song they used is great too. Reminds me of a great many anime intros.

I think it makes a nice promo for WoW.

This machinima phenomenon is great. The idea of using a game engine to make a film is very intriguing. I've watched a couple and they're amazing.

Another interesting thing I discovered recently is an online webzine that I linked to in a previous post, The Escapist. It's a gaming mag, only not really about games. Every article is interesting and almost exactly the things I wonder about myself. Go and read it.

I've been listening to this particular Third Eye Blind song, The Background. I love it.

Three nights of work left.

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