Sunday, May 28, 2006

Listen and Learn

I've been having some internet difficulties at home for the last few days. I had trouble signing on to Blogger and when I could sign on, I couldn't post anything. I couldn't really download anything either. Very erratic speed. I could play World Of Warcraft but the lag is higher than usual and I would get occasionally get disconnected. It's quite frustrating, really.

It seemed ok today, although the speed wasn't that great. I did get disconnected once while on WoW. I hope things will get better soon. I still have Friends season 5 to download.

It's a good thing the connection at the office seems to be ok. Maybe it's just my area. I heard other people are complaining too.

Blogwise, it wouldn't have made much difference. I don't really have anything to write about yet.

Except maybe my appointment on Friday night, which was great. It's kind of a big deal because I usually have company when I meet new people. I don't do this kind of thing by myself a lot.

My companion for the night wasn't exactly a stranger but we don't really know each other that much. This is the SECOND time I met her. It's a good thing for me that she's quite charismatic and isn't the quiet type, so there was no awkward moments. Quite chatty. I like that. Chatty people are very easy to go out with.

Occasionally she also reads my blog. Not very often though, she's very busy.

I kind of wish I could see her more often. We had a very good conversation. But alas, time and distance and work get in the way.

Which reminds me of that thing I mentioned in one of my Definition post. The thing about talking about what one CAN do well, instead of weaknesses.

While I have mentioned before that I'm not the most vibrant party person and not the most energetic club patron, I more than hold my own in a quieter setting. I do much better when there is opportunity to talk (without extremely loud music in the background). I think I'm pretty good at that. I'm also a pretty good listener, I think. I feel that I know enough about most things to be able to talk about almost anything.

Therefore, should I meet someone interesting in the future, I need to remind myself NOT to bring her to a bar. I should go to Seattle Coffee House instead and chat. Or dinner somewhere. Or a movie. That kind of thing. Suddenly, I hear a voice saying,"Dude, that's lame." That would be the party person wannabe part of my brain, which I will ignore today.

Of course, whether this person will actually enjoy non-party situations is another story.

I remember that bar wench I used to like last year I think, I can't remember exactly when. She was probably a nice person when she's not working, during the day. I wouldn't know, we didn't really talk. That was the problem with that. We never really talked and got to know each other one on one, away from her colleagues and her friends and her cousins etc.

And she didn't like to watch movies. She didn't read, she didn't really have any opinions about anything and she wasn't attentive enough to actually ask me about myself. She just wanted to go clubbing. And it so happened that I have a car...

In the end, I was the one who got taken for a ride. What was I thinking?

This isn't really her fault though. She probably didn't know what she was doing. She's just a child, so maybe she'll deepen when she gets older. But I wouldn't be there when that happens, I'm sure.

And so, what did I learn about myself on Friday night? I learnt that I wasn't completely hopeless at social interations. It only needs to be the right setting. That's all.

What a nice reminder it was too.

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