Monday, May 22, 2006


A few things to note.

The state elections are done and the result was predictable enough. And I'm not talking about BN winning. These days, it's a foregone conclusion. What was interesting however, was the fact that the opposition won some very important seats, particularly in the urban areas.

I'm pleased with this. The BN government is in need of a strong slap in the face and they've received it. I'm particularly happy about DAP's performance.

By the way, I'm not a DAP supported per se. But I do see the merits of having opposition in the government and of all the opposition parties in this country, DAP is the only one I trust enough. The others are all very fishy.

Next, the Da Vinci Code. I was supposed to write something yesterday, but my internet connection went haywire.

All in all, a potentially interesting movie marred by lousy editing. It was decent enough all the way until Act III, where it screeched to a grinding halt. Pacing was very bad.

And what of the so called "controversy"? I looked hard, and frankly there was none. If anyone's faith is threatened by this movie, that person's faith was not very strong to begin with. So no problem here.

The only thing I was unhappy about is in fact, the editing, which really sucked. Really.

That reminds me of something else. Up until the day I saw this movie myself, a lot has been said about it. One of the "funnier" things I read about is how some people accuse Christians for not taking their religion seriously enough by not protesting this movie with vehemence.

People who say this (a) obviously don't read the news enough and (b) don't know what being a Christian is all about.

It's not to say that Christians are not upset by the ideas presented in The Da Vinci Code. That's a given. It's always uncomfortable to have your belief system questioned out in public like that.

At the same time, this is opportunity to have faith tested and to identify with the suffering and humiliation of Christ. Christ's greates work began with humiliation after all. Without that humiliation, there can be no salvation.

For centuries, Christ and his people have been mocked and hated by the world. This is foretold in the New Testament. Did God tell us to retaliate against our detractors? No. Instead, we are told to be patient, be truthful and bear with it. Longsuffering is a fruit of the Holy Spirit no?

People who think that Christians don't take their faith seriously enough for their lack of affirmative action don't know what Christianity is all about.

This reminds me of another thing. People who say things like that about Christians are seeing us from the point of view of their own beliefs.

This is why most of the time, interfaith dialogues won't work.

It won't work unless people can stop seeing other faiths and beliefs through the filter of their own beliefs. For example, I am a Christian person. If I see other religions through the eyes of Christianity, of course other faiths are "wrong". If I was to see clearly as to be able to understand other faiths and religions, I need to try and see through the eyes of the believers of other faiths. Not as a Christian person.

Does this mean that I'm "abandoning" my own faith while I do this? Absolutely not. It takes a LOT more than that to undermine faith.

Interfaith discussions can only work its participants go undertake it with a completely open mind.

Funny how the phrase "open mind" and religion don't seem to mix well. This in my opinion, is a sign of weak faith.

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