Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I'm very disappointed by news regarding this over the last few days. I'm not alone in this disappointment either, which is a small comfort.

There are times I think we Malaysians are a lot like sheep and have too much fear for authority. With me, that's no problem. My rebellious tendencies have gotten me into much trouble before. So sad to hear that one reason why we as a people tend to be very sheepish is that our reps in Parliament are also expected to be conscienceless sheep. Sheepish behaviour is endorsed by the government. It's official now.

What good is your Wakil Rakyat if he can't disagree with something that he feels is not right? This voting along party lines is bullshit. What does it mean to be a BN rep if you're not allowed your own opinion in Parliament? He might as well be a mindless automaton. Or a syncophant. I bet the federal government would love them like that.

I'm shocked and kinda speechless too, at the moment.

To me, this no conscience rule sets a deadly precedent. If government MPs can't vote on motions according to their own conscience, what else do we have left to stop potentially unjust laws from being passed?

Why should I even be surprised? This after all, is the very same government which deals with difficult public inquiries with a steaming hot cup of STFU. Jangan mempersoalkan.

Malaysian "democracy" is a sham.

I wonder if the Sarawak State Assembly has the same ruling? Can anyone enlighten me on that?

Enough of politics, less I be even more upset.

Now for some good news.

I read that there is a Knight Rider movie in the works. How cool would that be huh? Too bad David Hasselhoff won't be in it this time.

Even better than that, I read on the World Of Warcraft website that Blizzard has finally decided to do a film based on the Warcraft universe! About time they did something about that, at least 6 million people would want to watch it. That's a certainty, because 6 million people have World of Warcraft accounts. Not to mention others who have played the various Warcraft games.

This is so exciting and timely. My only hope is that it won't turn out to be crap like that ghastly Dungeons & Dragons movie. I also have this hunch that this movie will be shot in New Zealand....

In WoW, I've decided to create some characters in the medium population Illidan realm server. I'm usually on Ticondrius, but lately that server's been kind of iffy. Just now, I signed on and for the first time, my latency was actually very good(around 500ms). Unfortunately, picking things up, opening bags, selling/buying things and using the auction house took 10 seconds. Per item. It was unbearable.

I have a bad feeling that the Tico server is going to crash again. Which is too bad because I love Tico really, especially Barrens chat! And there are so many players around to interact with.

I also have another pair of characters in the Oceanic Jubei'Thos server. Unfortunately, that server is usually so full, there is a waiting list to sign on. I'm going to move my Jubei'Thos characters to Illidan (which is a US server) after Blizzard reenables the player export function.

Tomorrow I have no work, but my car battery needs replacement.

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