Sunday, January 29, 2006

Politically Incorrect Again?

It is Chinese New Year.

I would like to wish all those who are celebrate it a very happy new year and may the Dog bring much prosperity and good fortune. Heck, I could use some of that.

Today I thought about writing a ranty, woe-is-me post about the generation gap and how people from one generation to the next are hopelessly out of touch from each others' reality and how parents always assume that everything wrong in this world is the fault of their children and how they seem to always wish they had other people's kids and bla bla bitty bla.

But I won't. There is so much bile out there in the blogosphere these days, so I'm not going to add to it. Much.

Suffice for me to say, older people like to think they got all the answers. Older people like to think that they got it sorted out, that if there was a misunderstanding or disagreement, it has to be some kids fault. God forbid if older people are wrong. Especially parents.

It's always the kids fault. If the kid expresses an opinion different from the parent or tries to defend him/herself from a wrongful accusation or expresses dissatisfaction with treatment, the kid is "bad". Derhaka. Kurang ajar.

Older people have been around longer, so obviously this must mean that everything that they do or say is the absolute manifestation of correctness, right? It's very simple. Older = wiser = correct.

At least, that is what conventional wisdom would have us believe. What do I think?

Age is a good agent of wisdom no doubt, what with the advantage of being around longer and having seen more things. Of course it's not so simple is it? The world changes and the world 20 years ago can be very different from the world now. That means some of this "wisdom" is in fact, out of date.

So, the conclusion is, older folks can be as clueless about life and the world as kids are. And vice versa. We are all in the same confusing boat, and yet we can't seem to find a way to talk to each other about it. Instead, we get all this fighting and arguing and finger pointing.

It's always someone else's fault, is it?

I'm not saying that younger people should be confrontational and rude to elders. I'm just saying that it isn't always youth who make mistakes and who are derhaka and kurang ajar. Sometimes, older people mess up too. That bullshit about older people always being wiser and always being right is just that, bullshit.

Of course, I don't think our parents would agree to that now would they?

This is something we should all think about, especially those of us who are about to have our own families. Let's not forget that we were once young and misunderstood too.

I suddenly think that maybe the fact that I got so much again authority figures is one good reason why I shouldn't have my own kids. I think I would make a crap dad. Maybe that is why I was apparently born without the requisite skills to find a mate and procreate?

Maybe that's a good thing. Who knows? But today's post isn't about me.

On a lighter note, I was looking around my blog roll and I rediscovered the delightful Computer Stupidities website. It's so much fun. Anyone who works in tech support would love some of the stories here.

I love websites that make fun of people's lack of mental capacity. And there are links to other sites that showcase dumbness and stupidity as well.

Laughing at dumb people. Mean spirited? Yes. Politically incorrect? You betcha. Barrel of laughs? Of course.

And talking about dumb, I bring you Chronicles of George. If you work in an office and you think your colleagues are morons, you ain't seen nothing yet. Read this and make sure you all know the moral of the story.

I think the moral is something along the lines of,"Don't smoke crack!"

I also update my blog roll with some nice new blogs. Go and read them.

That's it for now. Have a great Chinese New Year. I'll see ya.

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