Monday, January 16, 2006

No Internet!!

I was lost. And then I found my way again. Life without internet isn't very fun.

You see, I arrived home on Thursday morning, booted up my PC and tried to surf. Error. Website not found. Try again. Same thing.

That's when I noticed that my connection icon has an X over it. Funny, my UTP cable is connected and the lights show activity. Still no joy. I disable and reenable the network card. It disappears from my device manager. Gone. Poof.

My NIC is dead. Kicked the bucket. Bit the dust. Oh no!! No internet!! Oh teh horror!!!

I got a new one now, a DLINK one. Slightly more expensive, but more confidence boosting. I like DLINK products. Very cool. My router is DLINK too. When my modem explodes, I will replace it with a DLINK one.

DLINK good.... Buy DLINK for all your networking needs. Not as expensive as 3COM, but works just as well.

I might want to get new UTP cables too. My current ones are ratty ones which I took from the scrap bin at the office.

While I had no net, I Diabloed, so not so bad. My necromancer has too many minions, very hard to monitor all of them. I keep losing track. And like in real life, gas is good for crowd control.

Just now, I was at Jalan Song with some friends. On the way back I saw that cute chick who used to work at Great Kitchen. She greeted me quite enthuastically. "Long time no see!! I work here now!!" said she.

Funny. When she worked at GK, she never greeted me at all....

Maybe next week, I go back there and drink beer with her. Heeheee....

Tommorow, I work.... Boo....

Current Music - Misteri Mimpi Syakilla, Wings, Hukum Karma

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