Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Nothing in Particular Again

Last week, Azreen, Soph and Justina were in my car on the way to Jambu when Soph remarked that the car felt kinda heavy. She was right. The car felt heavier than usual. The next day I went to work and when I got off work, I noticed that my left rear tire was flatter than the others. I went to a gas station to get some air in there. Seemed to be ok. I arrived home, I asked my dad about the place he usually gets tires from. I thought maybe the tire needed replacement.

Later, he took out the car on an errand and apparently found time to go to the tire place to have it checked. They extracted a two-inch nail from the tire.

Fortunately for me, it only cost five bucks to fix the tire. I checked that tire before and yet I didn't see anything. The next time I need to do tire inspection, I'm taking out the jack.

Now the car feels like what it normally feels like. And talking about that, I need to save money for March. That's when my auto insurance expires.

That, I think, was the most interesting thing that happened to me last week. We also went to Mojo to have wine. Great selection they got and well priced. I honestly thought that it was going to be one of those overpriced posh winebars. Happily for us, it wasn't.

The only gripe I have is the usual gripe I have with many hang out joints in Kuching. The noise level was a little too high. At least they didn't play horrible feng tau music. I heard a very interesting cover version of New Order's True Faith, done by a female vocalist. Does anyone know who the singer(s) might be? It was a slow, acoustic track.

I actually thought that it was Blue Monday I was mistaken. It was True Faith. Great song by a great band. Brought back a lot of memories. When it comes to favourite New Order songs, True Faith is 3rd behind Bizarre Love Triangle and Regret. Regret is awesome. One of my all time favourite songs ever. I also like 1963.

Funny band New Order, kind off obscure (especially around here), yet very influential at the same time.

I really need to remove the excess junk from my room. I've saying this for so long. I really, really need to do something about this. I have the weekend free so I'll see what I can do. I suppose I could throw everything out by the roadside for the garbagemen to pick up, but a lot of it is old computer equipment and it doesn't feel right somehow.

Still playing Diablo 2. Still fun, at least for now. Playing five different characters, all power-levelling with the very useful /players8 setting. Players8 emulates an 8 player multiplayer game, so all the stuff in the game reflects that. It makes the game a lot harder but it generates more experience points per kill. Therefore I gain level faster. Cool that.

This time round, I will try to go on and play Nightmare difficulty. All this while I've been playing Diablo 2, I've never had the guts to play Nightmare for very long. I think it's the XP penalty when my character gets killed that's scaring me. Never mind, I'll try this time. And maybe if I finish Nightmare, I will try Hell difficulty. This is highly unlikely.

Diana called me this afternoon. That was very funny. I had just woken up from sleep when my phone rang. It was her and she told me she's got a nephew (or was that niece) who games and wants to give away some gaming magazine. She passes the phone to him/her. This is when my memory fails me. I don't remember what I said. I hope I didn't say anything stupid. That's how I'm like fresh out of bed. Or maybe I'm just getting old. Maybe both.

Tomorrow, I'm off work. I plan to enjoy it and maybe go and look for DVDs or something. And of course, play Diablo 2.

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