Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Anime? Bad!!!!


First, that whole Black Metal thing and now...... anime is porn!! Yay for Malaysian sensationalistic journalism!

It's very disturbing isn't it? This is proof that some reporters/journalists never do any real research. Like the guy who is responsible for this story, why didn't he ask what anime was if he was unsure. Why didn't he go on the net to look for info? Bloody hell man, what the hell is Wikipedia for?

No wait, maybe he can't go on the net because he doesn't know how to use a search engine. Maybe he can't speak English? Maybe even both.

I shake my head. If our newspapers can't deliver accurate information anymore, what good are they for (aside from providing me with laughs and blogging fodder)? In the back of my head, I suddenly feel like it's another attempt by conservative media to hunt down youth again. I'm probably just being paranoid. Or am I?

Anyhow, I hope some other, more discerning journalists can write a counter-piece soon. Before the government does something stupid like censoring Dragonball or Doraemon. Poor Doraemon, looks like someone wants to ban him....

I shake my head. Isn't it obvious, even in 2006, some people are still frighteningly out of touch with modern life and modern culture? It might be okay if that person was living in a longhouse or kampung in the mountains with no running water, no electricity and no road access. It isn't if you live in KL.

I know, the guy who wrote the article might not know what anime is. That's fine. Why didn't he do any research before shooting his mouth of and publishing that story on the front page? That's not fine. How can you not know the difference between hentai and other anime genres? Ok maybe not knowing that is also fine. How come no research?

And what was his editor doing?

In short, not knowing something is fine. Not knowing something and not bothering to do research and ask questions and publishing a story based on that lack of knowledge is NOT fine.

If I owned Kosmo, I'd be issuing show cause letters right about now...

And by the way, read this quote from Jeff Ooi's post on the matter:-

"So, what KOSMOS! printed on its frontpage and Page 3 yesterday -- that animation with sex is popularly called anime -- is factually incorrect, and very misleading. It's like saying movies with hardcore sex is popularly called movies."


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