Friday, September 09, 2005

Should I?

You know, I was flicking through some of my older posts and I'm suddenly thinking about starting all over again. I'm actually rather embarassed at some of the posts, especially the ones from last year. Some of the sappier ones really make me cringe. Honestly.

I was also looking through some other people's blogs and was about to say that these people have more interesting lives than mine, judging from their posts. But really, it's not that at all. It's not their lives are necessarily better, it's their way of writing their accounts that make things sound good.

I have a lot to learn about writing apparently. I need to get a freer, most spontaneous style going on here.

But back to the subject of changing blogs. Is it a good idea to start anew? I'm rather reluctant since I put in so much work here. I need to think about this some more. Some kind of renewal is necessary to make things feel fresh again.

I'm having yet another extremely busy day. Also, today my brother goes back to UiTM. He decided to go back earlier than he should. Should be his final semester, I think.

I have been procrastinating over a lot of things, mainly because when I'm off and at home, I'm just too tired to think and just sit and stare at my PC. I have to get off my ass and do something about this.

I'm too tired even to take pictures despite having a perfectly good camera.

Like the other day, I went to MJC to hang out with a friend of mine at his new office. It was evening and the weather was the cool should-it-rain-should-it-not overcast kind. There's this field in the middle of the complex called The Piazza. I was walking through this Piazza when I noticed that MJC looks very nice in low light.

Of course, I didn't bring my camera. I must go back there next week and remember to bring the blasted camera with me.

I'm going to have to remind myself that this blog hasn't featured a photo taken by me in the longest while.

There's other things I need to do, like find space for my books. I looked and there is no space left in any of the cabinets, shelves or book racks in the house. I've also noticed that we have a hell lot of books.

I'm going to have to improvise on this one.

Ok then, I'm off to lunch now.

EDIT: I found one hell of a blog. Check this out : Seventh Ranger Regiment (Mechanised).

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