Sunday, September 25, 2005

Levelling Off

I forgot to charge my phone and now it's dead. Silly me.

And talking about silly, my neighbour, who isn't the sharpest nail in the barrel, asked me for help with his internet connection. Apparently, he disconnected his Streamyx account and was using someone else's account. Today he couldn't connect. It's probably because the account's password has been changed but he wasn't buying it. It's hard to help people like that.

Still, he's a decent fellow and I'd like to keep good relations with him. See, he sells handphones and if I'm nice to him, I might be able to score a nice one from him at cut price. It just occured to me that I have money to buy a new phone. Should I?

I think I better buy a new wallet first. My current one is falling apart. Really falling apart.

Tonight is my last night of work this rotation. What a relief that is. Talking about work, Ramadhan is coming and that means I have to come in one hour early until Raya (Eid). That also means I get to go one hour early.

I remember when I was using the company transport. Since they come to pick me up early, I had to get out of the house at 4.45am. That was hard. But now I have a car, so it's not too bad anymore. Unfortunately, since I start so early, I can't have breakfast at my favourite stall since they open after 6.

I hope to be off work during Raya. I haven't been free during Raya in a long, long time (I think). Festivals are nice. Regardless of what festival it is, I get to celebrate it. One perk of having a big, extended, multicultural family.

My relations with my relatives aren't very good right now, since we're scattered all over the country and don't get to see each other a lot. Must do something about that.

I feel very, very calm today. I think my relapse has.....lapsed. As usual, I'm thinking what all the fuss was about. I'm handling it, but sometimes, when I do get like that, I slip. Must remember not to slip.

The search for balance will continue. Looking at the big picture it's getting better, I'm getiing better. I just wish I could progress faster, you know? And without the occasional slipping into bouts of melancholy, if possible.

Tomorrow I'm off and I already have another appointment to go to. Someone needs help setting up a DSL modem.

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