Thursday, September 22, 2005

Nothing Too Important Here

Some random things.

I don't particularly like Adam Sandler.

I think he plays his Waterboy character a little too much. Same character, different names. I didn't even bother watching 50 First Dates. I much prefer his Happy Gilmore character.

Even so, I found The Longest Yard a lot of fun. This movie is pretty decent, partially because I'm a sucker for sports related movies. I think he did well here, along with everyone else.

Also, it's got Chris Rock and Burt Reynolds. And Steve Austin and Goldberg. And Nelly.

Add grid iron football, inmates and prison wardens into the mix and you get a lot of fun. I haven't seen a movie that I could describe as fun in a long while. Just remember to leave your brain at the door and don't take it too seriously.

Taking things too seriously. A surefire way to see things the wrong way and spoil it for yourself (and sometimes for everyone else). I should know that. In fact I do. And yet, I forget not to.

This next section is for gamers, especially Total War fans.

I can't wait for Rome Total War:Barbarian Invasion to come out. It will be available on 27th of September. For those who are interested, go to and watch the trailers. Unbelievable.

There are four trailers. I loved the Hun teaser trailer especially. It made the hair on the back my neck stand up. All those horses....

Plus, this add-on will patch my current version up to 1.3 and hopefully reduce some bugs and maybe add some features. I shudder to think what the next Total War game would be, since Creative Assembly has said that they are continuing the franchise.

While I wait for the game to come out, I'm thinking about what faction should I play. The Franks? Romans? Saxons? Byzantine? Huns? Goths? I think it'll be so much fun to begin playing as any one of the hording barbarian factions, since they start as several nomadic armies (The Horde) and don't own any settlements.

In order to settle down and build, I'll need to go to war and take a city from someone. Preferably a large, rich city. Poor Romans, looks like Rome is going to get sacked. Again.

Right now, I am at work. As usual, I'm here only by contractual obligation as well as an obligation to earn money to support myself. Now that I've said that out loud, I feel a little better.

What else?

It rained like hell just now. The winds were so strong it was raining sideways. This isn't normal.

I feel kinda crappy today. I'm not quite sure why. It's probably nothing. I hate how, among other things, feeling under the weather makes me feel persecuted and that everyone either hates me or is out to get me or both.

Normally, this would be time for me to take it seriously why is that so. But since I'm now aware of this tendency to think very negatively, it's probably just me today and it's not true at all. Not everyone hates me and no one is out to get me. I hope.

But really, being hated/disliked is very saddening and I can't stand the thought of it. It just kills me, especially when I get like this, to speculate about the reason why. I just can't handle it.

Ahh. It's probably nothing. This'll go away in the morning. I hope.

I need to go. I have to fiddle with this new shiny notebook we got that has Wi-Fi network connection set up for it. That should be fun. I hope.

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