Tuesday, September 13, 2005


The new template, I must say, is very, very easy on the eyes. A big change from the old one. From dark to light. I hope visitors will like it.

Well, I guess this blog is here to stay, embarassing as some of the old stuff may be. I think I need to live with that. I wrote those things and at the time of writing, they seemed like a good idea. And it's true, I could deny ever writing those things but denying the moments I'm less proud us won't stop them from having happened. I have to live with that and so does everyone else.

I guess it's a part of progression and evolving always involve things like that. Wouldn't it be nice if we could avoid humiliating ourselves as we work our way through life?

The trouble is, it's not really the humiliating and embarassing moments that bug people the most, it's the fact that some people (including some people we want to get to know better) may judge us by the dumb things that we do or say.

I do this too sometimes. So to expect everyone to look pass the embarassing things we did is asking for a little too much isn't it?

So I won't ask and I'll just live with it.

Other than this, I'm not doing much at the moment. And there's no good movies out at the moment. I haven't gone to watch a movie in a long time.

I have a thought about the behaviour of some bloggers and how many practise double standards all in the name of free speech.

Ok, blogging gives people the right to express their opinions. Doesn't this also give readers the right to express disagreement with their opinions.

So, how come some bloggers act all shocked when they post an entry full of sweeping generalizations and racist/sexist/bigoted content and get flamed for it?

Think about it, if you write a post dissing a country/race/religion/lifestyle/gender, is it fair to expect ALL your readers to nod sagely and muse,"Yes, yes, the wise blogger hath spake. Let us taketh this words and reflect on them."?

And no, blaming it on things like PMS or a bad day at work is no excuse. The opinion has been expressed and readers may be offended. There's a price for that.

Commit the crime, do the time, the old maxim goes.

I think it's too much to expect people to understand the circumstances behind every critical post we write. And yet, some people expect that.

One thing to remember, poeple's reactions are one of those things that can't be regulated. The point is, when criticising, be prepared for a reaction.

"Celebrity" or not if you are racist, bigoted and uppity, you deserved to be slammed and publicly crucified as such.

Can't take the heat? Get out of the kitchen.

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