Friday, July 11, 2008

Alive Still...

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...just not blogging.

I've been away from work this last three days. Didn't really do that much at all. On Tuesday evening after week I went to Zack's house to fix their PC. Bluescreen of death again. The PC is ok now. The PC is getting old but with WinXP SP3 it should hold up quite well.

Marginally more interesting is what I did the next few days. Been hanging out at a friend's house playing his Playstation 2. Which used to be my Playstation 2. I suddenly miss having a console but consoles are much more fun when you have people over to play.

We've been doing that for the last few days playing things like Tekken 5 and the new ProEvo soccer which version number eludes me at the moment.

Call me crazy but I suddenly want to have a console again. Anyone got a used PS2 for sale?

That was my week.

Oh yes, I had lunch with Diana on Wednesday I think it was? I haven't seen her since she got married a few year's back. She's doing well. Busy but doing well.

It is three in the afternoon and I feel like cruising around randomly but that's not the best idea considering how much that costs now. Talking about fuel saving, I think the best and most effective thing I've done to reduce cost is to use internet banking. I pay everything online now.

No more driving to different banks, no more looking for parking and no more cueing up at ATMs and deposit machines. It saves a ton of fuel and many hours of my time. I've been encouraging my friends here to do the same.

I encourage everyone to do the same. Ask your bank for more information.

Obviously, security is a concern but so far I'm quite confident and comfortable with the system. You just need to be careful with your login name and password.

I have a meeting to go to later. I'm not very enthusiastic about it...

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