Friday, August 24, 2007


I was bored so I decided to bring our 1501 notebook to the office. I'm using it right now.

Anyway, I finally did it. I cut my hair. It's short now. I no longer look like a girl (hopefully). I'm going to do more to it later on. I was kind of worried at first but as it turns out having short hair is quite a refreshing change after 4 years.

Hmm, suddenly I've taken more interest in my physical appearance. Does that make me shallow(er)?

Perhaps more importantly, does it even matter whether I'm shallow or not?

Shallow or not, this changing of physical appearance is rather interesting considering I've never really cared before. Perhaps it will complement my more active social life.


I went to have dinner at Minoru on Wednesday night. The food was brilliant, even better than Tomoe. It was slightly more expensive however. But the food was soo good it was worth it. I'm beginning to develop a real taste for Japanese food although I haven't really gotten used to eating raw fish yet.

I'm going back there soon.

I start work today and will be at work until Sunday night. It's going to be tiring. Hopefully nothing bad happens. And payday is a week away!

Damn I need some overtime. Fast.

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