Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Heart 2 Heart

Facebook is so much fun. On Sunday, I was bored and I went nuts reviewing movies. And wrote stuff on other people's walls. Tons of stuff to do and explore.

Yes, it's way more fun than Friendster ever was.

I finally went to Starbucks yesterday. It's quite nice. I'm coming back there soon. Probably during the early evening.

Talking about fun, I had the best time ever on Sunday night.

It started out innocently enough. We were at my house downloading music (using Ares, highly recommended!). I was supposed to send her home after burning CDs and stuff but we started talking and laughing so we decided to go somewhere else first.

Mojo was closed by the time we got to town. Next, it was either Barzing or Zen. We decided on Zen. Nice place. It doesn't have walls. Open air places are very nice. We drank chardonnay. The place was closing so we brought the wine in the car and finished it off there.

We were quite tipsy by this time so we decided to get some food and more drinks and drive to the barrage.

Alcohol does help one tell the truth yes?

We talked about a lot of stuff. Stuff that we normally wouldn't say out loud. About our feelings and the future and stuff like that.

She told me why she can't go move forward with me. She's in love with someone else. It's been like that for awhile now. She told me she knows how I feel about her. She said she was sorry and wants to remain friends.

I told her I knew that something was in the way. It wasn't her fault. Being friends is fine with me. I'm not very keen on a steady relationship anyway. What I have with her now is exactly what I want.

Are we friends? Sometimes I'm inclined to think that we are a little more than friends. Just about the only thing we haven't done is get physically intimate..ehem ehem. She'll probably insist that we are just friends, but I know she thinks this too. She isn't stupid and she isn't blind...

After more heart to heart stuff, gross out fart jokes and other jokes about piss and lesbians, we finally ran out of chicken wings and beer. It was 4 in the morning.

Her parents were not very pleased. But she told me the next morning that it was so worth it...

It is. This is the most fun I've had in a while. In many ways, it's perfect. I like her and she is almost like a girlfriend but without the commitment. We no longer have any secrets between us and things are very comfortable.

Honestly, it doesn't really matter if things become serious or not. It's fine the way it is and anything else is a bonus.

Times sure have changed. A year ago, this kind of thing would plunge me into serious bouts of anxiety and depression. It's a good thing I went to see a shrink...

It's going to be a nice week.

Excuse me, I must feed cat and play with Facebook. Have a nice day.

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