Thursday, August 16, 2007

Car Post

The new Proton Persona looks very, very, very sweet. In fact, it is so sweet even some Proton basher forum trolls are being nice about it.

I hope the QC is up to standard.

I'm actually contemplating changing my car.

As usual, the Persona is well priced. Plus, it's a 1.6 and a full size sedan, not a fastback like my current car. I've made some calculations and if I get rid of my current car I'll be able to afford this one quite easily.

But, I actually like my current car. I put a lot of work and money into it. Hmm.

Damn, if I was earning a little more I'd keep both cars. In fact, I have enough saved up for a substantial, monthly payment reducing deposit.

Nah, I'd better stop thinking about this. Having said that, I'm going to visit a showroom next week...

I work this weekend and I hope time goes by quickly.

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