Friday, August 10, 2007

Morning Thoughts

Well, the haze is back. Along with that, the incredible heat. Last night I got home and turned on the shower. The water was warm. At 10.00pm.

It's a good thing I work indoors in an air conditioned office.

Haze. Ugh.

Talking about ugh, sometimes it just pisses me of when I read news and stuff on the net and in the papers. I'm grateful I live here instead of in some other part of country. Some parts of this country are full of zealots, bigots and assholes with their own dystopian vision of society. I wonder sometimes, is it a cultural thing? Because where I'm from, people aren't so hell bent on dividing and oppressing people who are "different" from them.

These people must never, ever be given power. Never never ever. The whole country will go to hell if they do.

I have another thought this morning.

You know how many people (particularly clueless moral guardians) like to blame all kinds of things for social "ills" right? All kinds of things. Music, TV, books, lack of religious knowledge, pop culture, inter gender relations and other shit that in fact doesn't really mean jack squat.

These people are dumb.

It's rather obvious, if only certain people get out of their ivory towers and hit the slums and poor neighbourhoods around them. The root of most social problems is poverty.

It's really bloody obvious. Poverty is a sticky problem, messy and uncomfortable to deal with. No one has any answers and it's hard to score cheap moral brownie points to make one look good when dealing with this rather chronic, age old problem.

I sound cynical? Perhaps. But lately, that's what I see. Do I have answers? Not really. But at least I'm honest about that, unlike some people...

Cynical or not, I'm actually in a very, very good mood lately. Life is being very good and interesting at the moment.

Have a nice week and God I hope it rains...

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