Friday, July 20, 2007

Must. Post. More.

I must post more frequently. I also must stop titling posts with Good Week or variations of the same. It's very boring and smacks of laziness on my part.

Tonight I'm at work. Due to the uncertainties about the direction of my employer, a lot of things are left hanging. That means I have very little to do other than play server guard dog, especially at night. This is just the calm before the storm I would say. Very soon I will be submerged by work what with all the impending changes.

This probably means opportunity for some overtime. I could use the money. My more active social life is costing me a little more than what I'm used to. Well what can one say, fun isn't free after all.

I hope when the dust settles I will get more wages. Hopefully.

I found out that Proton has a new Wira/Saga replacement sedan in the works. I'm intrigued. I hope there will be a 1.3 version out in the near future. I might want to try it out. Hopefully the overall build quality and QC will be on par with the Savvy and the Satria Neo. Especially the Neo which is a fine car.

Tonight I'm kind of free so I'm going to look through all my old entries and categorize them. I might also flag some for deletion. I'm still thinking about the wisdom of this. I once said that I would never delete any posted entries, although to date I have actually deleted one. But I do realize some of my older entries are very, very "difficult" to read.

I'm not sure yet. What do I want, time capsule or good impression for readers?

Talking about readers I'm still pleasantly surprised at the number of visits that I get despite there being basically nothing here. Visits and comments are always appreciated as always.

I'm also making some small adjustments to my blog template.

I'll be free on Monday and hopefully I can resist the temptation to go out too much. It's a problem, but the good kind.

Have a good weekend.

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