Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Good Week So Far

The Bitter Stickgirl's blog is very, very impressive. Brilliantly done. Go and see.

In other news, I was with some friends over at the Watering Hole after work on Monday night and I heard this girl sing. She had the voice of an angel. No, I wasn't drunk.

I also heard songs from UB40's Labour of Love 2 album. Ahh, UB40. A reggae outfit from Birmingham named after a piece of government paperwork.

Anyway, I hadn't heard anything by UB40 in a long, long time. Back in school and in my college years, I had a bunch of UB40 cassettes. My favourite was Labour of Love 2. After that night, I went online to search for UB40 stuff.

I found Labour of Love 2. Together with Labours of Love 1 & 3 in the same download. It's an excellent find. Another nice thing to happen this week.

I also managed to find the SR-71 discography.

So far it's been a really nice week. Eventful and fun, both at work and at play. But money is running kinda low...

Good thing payday is only a week away.

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