Thursday, July 19, 2007

Good Week

I have a Facebook account. I'm not sure what to do with it yet. At least my username is now reserved.

I watched Iran vs Malaysia last night. It was hard to watch, I won't lie. At least the local boys did something they didn't really do during the first two games. They threw themselves into tackles, defended well enough and played as if their very lives depended on it. In a way, their very lives did depend on it.

Imagine the uproar had we conceded four or five more goals.... A 2-0 defeat is not a nice thing but it sure beats being thrashed.

I also hear the the Cabinet has agreed to phase out the ancient S-61s that the airforce have been using, after the latest crash. It's about time. I'm personally partial to Russian choppers, tough and robust as they are. Also, cheapish. I'll be watching this development with some interest.

Now on to happier things...

I was at this nice little bar called The Office last night. It was Ladies' Night. It was fun.

I met up with some friends at 10.00pm and from then until around 12.30am, the place was CRAWLING with women! I'd say 80% of the patrons were female. It was incredible. Looked like a pretty safe bar too. No unsavoury characters selling pharmaceuticals in dark corners and no dumb kids looking for fights.

So if you guys are bored on Wednesday night, go to The Office (across the street from Memories) and hang out. Guaranteed good view. To think, I went in the middle of the month. Imagine how the place would be like on payday....

All in all, a good week for me. Now I go and repair a friend's computer.


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