Saturday, July 28, 2007


Nothing important to say today. Except to say that Football Manager 2008 is coming out later this year!!


That game is going to rule and will cause me to make up all sorts of unreasonable excuses to avoid going out while I play it. Except I won't do that. Much. Must realise that cabin fever is no good for health. Yes yes...

I'm already thinking about what team(s) to manage when I get my hands on the game. I'll probably manage Chelsea at some point. And maybe Real Madrid and call myself Rudi Van Der Merwe who is Real's manager in Goal 2. And of course, I'll start a game with some obscure teeny weeny semi pro team from the English lower leagues as always. Always nice to play the small fish.

I'm also thinking whether I should get the PC one or the PSP one or both. Whatever I get, I expect maximum fun. The new features are fabulous and the screenshots are so drool inducing. Ok, so the interface looks like some kind of office application. But it's FM, so who cares right?

It's football. It's more than life and death...

Oh yes, I also watched Goal 2 last week. Very fun movie. Lots of Becks although he didn't get any lines this time. Steve McManaman did though. I still can't decide whether I liked this one or the first one more. Thomas Gravesen was very funny in the elevator prank scene.

The movie does however have lots of fun football footage and I'll probably be watching it again when I'm bored.

Another movie I watched last week was Pathfinder. I was quite pleasantly surprised at how cool it turned out to be. I was fully expecting a crap B grade hack-n-slash. Instead, I found that I rather liked the story with evil metal sword wielding, chainmail wearing, Icelandic speaking Vikings and the slightly naive Native Americans and the grimy gritty presentation.

Moon Bloodgood was very nice to look at as well as having an awesome name. I like.

Talking about like, how disappointed would you be if you like someone, only to discover later that you don't like her as much as you thought you could?

It's like Chipsmore cookies without the chocolate chips. Kinda nice but not very good. Not the best feeling.

Still, life goes on and I sigh loudly as I let it go on.

Hopefully, the next one will be better.

Have a nice weekend.

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