Sunday, July 30, 2006


I took one of those internet quizes again and apparently, I am an INFP. Interesting. I sometimes wonder, what do these kinds of quizzes really say about us.

In other news, there's this article in the NST that made me laugh. It's about The Registration Department's list of undesirable names.

Ahh bizzare names. I have known a few individuals with strange names. I also know a few new parents who have thought of really bizzare names for their new born children.

It's none of my business of course, but upon hearing these weird names, all I can say is,"What were you thinking?" I know that for some parents, especially the new parent, the reason why they give weird names to their children is to make them "special".

I say, please rethink that. Think of what the child will go through once he/she goes to school. Being picked on and being made fun of because a child has a very long/unpronounceable/strange/funny name isn't pleasant. It may have a very serious impact on the child's self-esteem. After all, an attack on a child's name is really the same as an attack on the child itself.

Think about what this kind of harassment means to your child. And don't believe that kids are all sweet and innocent. They may appear to be that to an adult, but if memory serves, children can be extremely malicious and manipulative. Seriously.

So, to give a child the maximum chance to grow up without any permanent psychological trauma, a harmless name might be a good start. Or if a "unique" name is absolutely necessary, pick one that sounds good and means something good. Please don't name your child after bands/football teams/household appliances/farm animals/exotic diseases etc.

Yes, I'm obviously very bored. And kind of tired. Two more nights of work to go. I'm supposed to go back to the office on Wednesday morning, but luckily enough, I managed to talk my way out of that one. If I had to come in on Wednesday morning after all this night work, I'll collapse from exhaustion for sure. I don't even have enough energy to play WoW these last few days.

Or maybe I'm getting too old for this?

I actually had some things to write about but I'm just too mentally worn out right now. Maybe later or maybe during my break on Tuesday. We'll see.

Until then, please have a nice weekend.

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