Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Forza Italia! and People with No Manners


Italy won the World Cup as I expected, but not in the way I expected. I don't like it when a competition this big gets decided by the lottery that is the penalty shootout.

I bet there were collective groans amongst the Italia supporters when the ref blew for the end of extra time, the scores tied at one a piece. Italy, oddly enough, have never been very good at penalties. The last final they were involved in 1994, ended in a penalty shootout too. They lost that one to Brazil when Baggio blasted his penalty over the bar.

I'm glad they won this time. It's hard for me to sympathise with France. Zidane made a terrible mistake during what is the last match he'll ever play for France. Stupid Zizou...

In other France related news, I was reading a World of Warcraft article when one link led to another and eventually I ended up watching a video clip of the song J'en Ai Marre by Alizee. My, what an attractive woman. And what a catchy song.

I'm downloading both her albums tonight. That'll be quite a change from my usual downloading habits. First, it's not metal/rock/alternative/punk and second, it's French. I'm not really a big pop fan anymore.

That reminds me, I need to reorganise my music archive. I have some other new stuff I recently downloaded and I haven't sorted through them yet. I blame WoW.

And talking about WoW, there is something quite distressing that I've been noticing. The game allows players to chat and I've noticed the most appalling lack of manners. What happened to things like "Please" and "May I" when requesting help or when looking for a group to join? Not only that, you reply and so "No thanks" or "Sorry I can't, I'm logging off soon", you get insulted.

And why do some players insult other players who ask for simple things like directions and where to find this and that thing? It is so difficult to give a straight answer?

It's very bad. Some days, I just leave the public channels off, leave the guild chat on and quest in total silence.

I think this pointless insulting of other players and calling them noobs is a sign of elitism. Some people apparently absolutely have to put others down to elevate themselves. It's patheticly sad. I feel sorry for their parents.

I'm not really surprised by this actually, just commenting. Tactless, boorish people are everywhere after all, online and offline. But possible more online.

The rest of this week, I will continue to look for a place to repair that nasty dent on the front of the car, preferably before it starts to rust.

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