Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Day in The Trenches

I come in to work this morning expecting a nice quiet Sunday. Instead I get a ton of delayed work that was supposed to be done two days ago thrust in my face. Of course, since some management people forget that we're just human and that there are only around 12 hours of daylight in an average day, they expect everything to be ready by evening.

This is the issue that I have with management and other leader-like types. For many, the higher up they get, the further removed they are from reality. The further they are from the ground, the less likely they are to know what really goes on. All they see is schedules and graphs and plans and MS Project files.

I recall reading an anecdote about a British intelligence officer who came to visit the trenches of the Somme after the battles were over in The First World War. Seeing the trenches and the mud and the shell blighted lunar landscape, all he could say was,"My God. We sent men to fight in this??"

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. That's human nature after all. We tend to forget. Old people tend to forget what being young was like and people in high places forget what it was like getting there. And sometimes, people who are happy forget what it was like to be depressed.

With the forgetting, the understanding and empathy goes out the window as well. Such is the nature of people.


I wrote a lenghty post two days ago. A current issues one. I forget what it was about now since I deleted it. I'm taking time off from writing about things I see in the news. It pisses me off and when I'm away from work, I also want to take a break from being pissed by current issues. I'd much rather write about sports or games or what happen in WoW or movies or etc.

I won't be writing current issue stuff for a long time. I'll just let journalists and other bloggers comment on those things.

Talking about sports, I hope Italy win the World Cup. I think they deserve it more.

This is quite a big week for me. I turn 33. With that, I've been doing a lot of thinking. Where I am, where I'm going, where I've been, what's going to happen. That kind of thing. So I'll be writing about that soon I think, if I don't get distracted by things.

All I can say about the situation so far is that I'm not where I thought I would be and I don't know where I'm going. I don't know what's going to happen and I don't know if I'm headed down the right path.

One of the things that power people in daily life are their hopes and aspirations. I'm 33. I need to get new ones. I'm doing none of the things I thought I'd be doing. It's not a bad thing really, but neither is it a really good thing. I'm not sure.

So yeah a lot of heavy thoughts while questing in Azeroth.

I'll write that big post if I gather my thoughts in time. And top of the morning to you all.

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