Friday, July 28, 2006

Fire and Buffy

The fire department is be very busy these days. Yesterday, the Sarawak Club burnt down. I've been there a few times. It's kind of sad. The club building had a lot of history in it. A new building will be built but the lost history is irreplaceable.

Just now, I was reading my Livejournal friends list and there is another fire right in the centre of town. We'll probably find out more tomorrow.

One of the things that struck me when our own house nearly got gutted last month was how quick fire can spread and how much heat there really is, even from 50 feet away. Fire can spread by radiation. It doesn't even have to be very near.

Photos of things and buildings on fire are scary enough, but I'd have to say the thing that makes fires truly frightening is heat radiation. Photos don't convey heat very well.

So yeah, these days I'm quite conscious about fire safety. And so should you. Thus ends today's public service announcement.

Actually I wanted to share some YouTube links today.

I don't talk much about Sarah Michelle Gellar these days, but I'm still a big fan. She's in 7 or 8 projects at the moment, in various stages of production. I'm especially looking forward to Southland Tales and Alice.

I found some excellent interviews on YouTube. Very funny interviews. She's a very funny girl with a sharp wit. As well as being very easy on the eyes. I like.

Sarah on Jonathan Ross. Hilarious. Please watch it. Please.

Buffy Meets Blackwood. This one is shot in a limo on the way to a cemetery where they are shooting parts of the Season 6 episode As You Were. Funny, but not quite as funny as the Jonathan Ross one. Watch all 7 parts to get the whole thing.

There are many more videos but these ones are my favourites.

In other news, I just looked at my schedule and I just noticed that I will be working almost non-stop until next Saturday. As in the Saturday that is not the one tomorrow. I practically have only half a day off on Tuesday evening to recuperate.

I wonder who came up with this crazed schedule.

Actually, this is all because of emergencies. One colleague is out of town, another one has exams and another one's mom is in the hospital. Which leaves me and my other colleague to cover everyone.

The extra money had better be worth it. I suddenly feel the urge to buy something.

Which reminds me, I need a USB hub.

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