Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Look in The Sky!

If you haven't watched Superman Returns, go and watch it right this second. It's freaking brilliant.

And this coming from me, who doesn't really like Superman to begin with.

I went in fully expecting to go bleh. I don't really like Superman to be honest. I think he's too squeaky clean. I'm more of a Batman person.

Instead of "bleh", I got "Holy Crap" instead. I sat there in my seat for three hours with my mouth open.

Everything in this movie was brilliant. The story, the acting, the effects, the cameras. Everything.

Whoever watches this movie will not fail to notice Brandon Routh. He was awesome. I was skeptical about him, what with him being an Iowa country boy waiter guy and all. I thought it'd be weird seeing Superman looking unfamiliar.

But man, he looks, sounds, acts, moves so much like the late Christopher Reeves, it was uncanny. This guy IS Superman/Clark Kent. I dare say that much.

Now that I've found out that he's interested to be in the Warcraft movie, he is officially cool in my books.

Everyone else was great too. Kevin Spacey as Lex? Genius! Hey, it's Kevin Spacey. Who can say anything bad about his acting? After all, it's Kevin Spacey. And along side him is the great Parker Posey as Kitty. I think she's awesome and I haven't seen her in a while.

Kate Bosworth was great as Lois Lane. I expected her to be a lot more annoying for some reason. I was pleasantly surprised by Kate's performance.

There is this huge, totally unexpected twist in the movie. Real huge. Not telling though.

The effects are awesome but that's no surprise these days. Finally, we get to see just how quick Superman is. I loved that one seen when he shoots out of an elevator shaft and vapour flares around him as he flies past the sound barrier. Brilliant!

So, in short, I loved Superman Returns. In fact, if anyone wants me to accompany them to watch it again this Thursday or Friday, I would go.

In other news, my new DLink G604 wireless router is working out really well. No problems so far and it was easier to set up than my old DLink cabled router, surprisingly. At RM300, the router is amazingly cheap for something so capable, considering the features.

Unfortunately, the PCI wireless cards aren't cheap. RM 120-130 each, depending on make.

All in all, I'm satisfied with it.

In yet more news, I received my Mastercard today. Yes, an entire new world of retail has opened up via my PC! I'm still not sure whether this is a curse or a blessing though.

But still, I'm so pleased because I didn't get rejected for once. It's a good thing. I think.

Finally, I wish to share another brilliantly written blog post I came across. I found the part about living life bracing yourself for yet another tragedy to be particularly resonating.

I could've written this blog post myself, if my mind was less cluttered and if my writing was clearer.

I will probably write something about this some day.

And with that, I bid you all good morning.

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