Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Onyxia's Head and Stuff

I was playing WoW last night and right before I logged off and went to bed, something interesting happened.

The character I was playing, a Human Mage, had just hit level 28. So there I was in the city of Stormwind doing my usual routine after gaining level, i.e upgrading magic and tailoring skills (bloody expensive thing to do!) and checking the auction house for any new equipment that I might want to buy.

I was on my way out of the auction house when I saw some chatter on the chat channels. Someone was warning people that Stormwind was about to lag very badly. For a few seconds, it did. I walked towards the town square and there was the cause. A 40 man raiding party had just teleported back to Stormwind, bearing with them the head of the dragon Onyxia.

There was lots of woot-ing and woohoo-ing and fireworks and cheering in the town square as the Onyxia quest giver announced the death of Onyxia to everyone. It was great to see that.

No game set in a high fantasy setting would be complete without a chain of dragon slaying quests, wouldn't it? It's the stuff legends are made of. I look to the day when one of my characters will be powerful enough to join in such an endeavour. It would be brilliant!

So that's what happened in WoW. There are some other WoW stories from the last week, like the time I fought a Lvl 38 human priest with my Lvl 30 Forsaken Warrior and managed to beat him. Three times.

But I'll tell that one next post.

I was talking to Azreen the other night and amidst all the talk about CSI and other stuff, we made an observation concerning our blogs.

Both of us used to be quite prolific with our blogging. Yet, lately, as in the last year at least, we have noticed large gaps in our posting.

There could be many reasons for that, but one possible reason stood out. Neither one of us were as miserable and sad as we were. There's no longer much to rant or complain about. There is less trouble to share and less urge to confide in people.

Misery and pain is really good fuel for writing, that is very true. Without it, there is less impetus to write, at least in my case.

No, I'm not shutting this blog down. I could say that and do it, but I know within 2 weeks I'll open another blog to tell yet another story about WoW or about what movie I just watched or something.

This blog and the person who writes in it has changed direction. Maybe it's not as fun to read as before. Is that right? I don't know. Maybe. It's less miserable and angsty, I think. Is it?


Whatever it is, I guess what I'm trying to say is that Riding the Mellow isn't going to be updated as much as it used to be. I'll try to write twice a week as an exercise of course. Nor will it be as "heavy" as before.

Of course, that could change in an instant. We'll see as usual.

In other news, I watched Silent Hill yesterday evening. Not bad at all.

Also last evening, my dad's PC's hard disk developed a bad sector in it and wouldn't boot. I managed to save it for now by sticking it into my PC and doing a standard scan. It's a good thing we have 2 computers in the house. Imagine how troublesome this could've been, especially considering that my dad keeps very important documents in his PC that he needs to have, like right NOW.

Looks like I'll be buying a new hard drive soon to replace that one.

That's it for today. You have a nice week now.

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