Thursday, February 16, 2006

Crazed Week

I've had the most crazy week with not enough rest and too much work. The only good news is at least next week I'll be free nearly the whole week. I've decided to take some days off.

Which means I can catch up on some admin work. There's bills that need paying and shopping that needs doing.

I need new specs. Might pick a pair that would change my look. Hopefully, I won't end up procrastinating about it as I usually do.

Kind off tired. Been a very long week. On Valentine's Day, I had to come back to work. Emergency situation.

And talking about Valentine's day, I cared less about it this year than any other year. It's really no big deal anymore, I don't even feel like writing about it much. It's cool like that. I guessed I've really gotten over it this time.

I watched Eddie Izzard last night with Shel and Rin at my house. It was brilliant.

I also bought RAM and just now I bought some audio equipment from a colleague. I might pick up some more new toys next week.

It's almost time to go home now and I'm very tired...

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