Thursday, February 23, 2006

Cool Stuff

I've just finished installing a new 1200watt amp and a 12" woofer into the car. It's very, very impressive and I'm very, very pleased with it. Very, very powerful. Big, huge sound. I actually had some reservations about the woofer. I thought it would be too big. I originally wanted an 8" or 10" one. But it's actually quite nice. It was very loud without sounding muddy. Very clean sound.

Of course, it got a bit confusing at first since the amp, the pre-amp and the CD/MP3 player all have separate settings controls, but after lots of twiddling, I think I got the balance just right. I'll just max out the amp and preamp and control the settings from the player.

It's time to make another mix CD now.

I now understand why some people spend tens of thousands buying junk for their car. It's actually quite fun. Not that I would spend THAT much money, of course.

And talking about confusion, I'm getting new rims next week. I've decided to just get new alloy wheels instead of plastic wheel caps. 15" wheels should cut it. And just now, me and a friend of mine went to this wheel shop and they must've had 6 tons worth of alloy wheels there. Everything from teeny weeny 13" Kancil wheels to big ass 20" ones for SUVs. And lots of different designs. Very confusing, but in a good way.

This should set me back around one and a half to two grand. Sounds like a lot, but considering how gorgeous some of those wheels were, it's actually pretty good value.

Car modding, very expensive hobby. Good thing I'm just a casual user. Maintaning my PC is expensive enough.

In other news, I've managed to find a good sound emulator for old DOS games, VDM Sound 2.1.0. And I've downloaded a copy of Uncharted Waters:New Horizons and it works with sound now.

I've been having some trouble with sound in old DOS games when I try to play them in WinXP. All the other emulators I've tried aren't very stable. This one works quite well so far.

Tomorrow, I go back to work but next week I hope to finally have my extended break. Hopefully, there will be no emergencies that will require me to come in.

I'm still tired.

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