Monday, December 05, 2005

Flux and Ends

Aeon Flux was surprisingly good. Charlize Theron is surprisingly leggy.

I enjoyed this movie a lot more than I thought I would. It had a really strong anime feel to it.

I thought Marton Csokas looked extremely familiar but I didn't really know from where. Later I find out that apparently, he was in Lord of the Rings.

I like the way the environment of the film was set. It had a severe, industrial look that conveys a kind of hopelessness and cynicism.

In other news, I've finished playing Need for Speed Most Wanted. I can inform everyone that when I got to No.1 on the Black List, the game became nearly impossible. I had to use a no bust trainer to get pass the final police chase.

All in all, an excellent game and I'm playing it again. Or maybe it's time to go back to football management?

Today yet again, was a very busy day. It seems our workload is directly proportionate to the number of people we have. The new guys were supposed to help lightened the load. Instead, the workload is keeping pace.

I notice something. How do you make someone who is usually languid and a little spaced out at work concentrate and be able to handle more responsibilities?

Give him an apprentice. Or in my case, two.

Suddenly, I'm worried about what I do and how I do my work. I'm actually concerned about Setting a Good Example(TM).

This is so unlike me. I like to goof off and do my own thing at work, like read blogs. Now I don't really feel like doing that anymore.

It's not a bad thing I guess. About time I be a little bit more responsible anyway.

I've had some more thoughts over the last few days, many of which formed during late night conversations. Too bad I can't seem to recall them all.

But I do vaguely recall one.

It's a sad thing that everything in life has to have an ending. Especially good things, like friendship and good company. Wouldn't it be nice to be contented for the rest of life? It's easy to forget that even that will end and will change. Better? Worse? Who knows?

I guess there are no happily ever afters in real life.

I hope when things change in my corner I'll be able deal with it instead of falling to pieces like I'm prone to doing.

I've had a nice day. I hope your's is good too.

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