Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Things I Did Today

Some of the blogs I like to read contain mostly details about what the writer did on a particular day. I like it. There's a lot of negativity and gravity on the Net, so it's good to read something nonsensical and light. It's a balancing thing.

It might seem like such a mundane thing, writing about what happened today when nothing really important happened. It isn't, not when written with flair and skill. There are some really good writers out there. If you're writing about what the cat did today or what some guy said in the office and make it sound interesting, you must be good.

This is one thing that I'm not so good at. I can rant and whine and complain until the cows come home, but I can't really write your "typical" journal entry with any kind of flair yet. This is why writing is an art, I guess. Some people do it naturally, others have to practise and some others can't do it at all.

It would be quite nice to be artistically eloquent on paper (online?).

So, what I must learn is how to write descriptively, without the need for a heavy subject matter. Just everyday stuff. I think the ability to describe is the key. Maybe if I can get the hang of that, I can write things like stories? Maybe even lyrics. Who knows?

I think the fact that I don't really read fiction might have something to do with that. I've read thousands of books so far but less than a dozen are fictional, I dare say. I read history, technical stuff, general interest books on militaria, and science, things like that. I don't really read novels, poetry and stories.

Maybe that's why.

And while we're talking about art, I think I know what to buy during the next PC fair. I need a soundcard that can change the pitch/key of songs, like a Soundblaster Live!. I was playing around with the guitar this morning, and while I was trying to write down the chords of some songs, I find that a lot of them are downtuned one or two steps.

I supposed I could detune my guitar but that's so troublesome. It's easier if I can uptune the song to match my guitar. And I can't be arsed to manually transpose everything. It's such a pity that my old SB Live died on me last year.

Nevertheless, it's good to have a good guitar again. This morning I was trying out some of the stuff from the Punk Goes Acoustic album. Mostly do-able, but need to transpose. Almost all the bands were using either drop-D or Eb tuning. So inconvenient to change the keys everytime I want to play it using standard tuning.

I tried to play songs like Open Hand's Time To Talk, Yellowcard's Firewater (difficult, fast chord changes), Sugarcult's Memory (very easy), Finch's Letters To You (slow acoustic jam as opposed to the fast electric version) and Cute Without The E (Cut from The Team), which is so very nice. And a few others.

Pop fans would probably not know any of these songs. Oh, and before anyone criticizes my choice of practise material, I'm sorry but pop/emo punk is fun at least to me. I know it's whiny and pathetic sounding but I like it and can relate to a lot of it.

Now, why do I always get defensive when I admit to liking the music that I like? That's a good question. I admit, sometimes I feel self conscious because of it. Why? I don't know.

Anyway, I'm quite busy today so I must go now.

Current Music - Playing Favorites, The Starting Line, Punk Goes Acoustic

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