Thursday, June 23, 2005


I'm so bloody knackered now it's unbelievable. The last two days at work, also unbelievable. Twelve hours of it a day, non-stop.

I so wish I had the energy to go out...

And yesterday, I went to read some blogs and I had this nice blog post all planned out, something about the fallout of the two news articles about Malaysian bloggers. And the Sarong Party Girl hype.

I had a long post planned out too. But as luck would have it, work got in the way. As an indication of just HOW much work we're talking about, we actually had to call for extra help from a vendor on top of the guy on duty AND two other guys on overtime, including myself.

Since I'm tired I'm going to make this short(ish).

Before I go on, yes I am aware that people are allowed an opinion on everything. I am also aware that it's perfectly acceptable to react to an opinion. I find it less acceptable for people to dish it out and act all shocked when people react to the dishing out. What can one expect when one disses someone else?

So, for all those people who want to diss, if you can't stand the return fire, don't start a firefight. Even if it is online.

I could probably use this advice meself.

Diss me directly or indirectly, I diss you back. Can't deal wit dat ? Then shut the hell up, biatch!

Anyways, I read with some disgust how some people once again, dismiss blogging as a "fad" if it's not something about news and current events and politics. So what's that mean ? That in order to be "relevant", a blogger isn't allowed to post shit about their life or their cars or chicks or whatever else they want to say?

I bet these people don't have blogs themselves. Do the math. Would you trust a person who doesn't play or watch football to make the rules? So what gives these guys the right to dictate the ways and means of blogging?

Ok ok granted people can diss bloggers as a frivolous bunch with too much time on their hands. It's an opinion, that's fine. The insulting pseudo intellectual remarks? Not fine? Not all bloggers are attention whoring teenagers, okay.

Whose to say what matters and what doesn't? Do all people prioritise the same thing? What are we? Sheep? It's my time and since this blog is about me then it's important to me. And so what if it ain't "relevant".

Why does every damn thing we do need to be "relevant" anyway?

I'm not blogging to start a revolution. I blog just for fun and to bitch about things. Like these dumbasses for instance.

You know? They're right. Riding the Mellow and probably 95% of the blogs I read aren't relevant. These blogs don't bring world peace or create awareness of some critical current issue (however sometimes we do weigh in with our USD0.02) or to fight for some cause.

So what if bloggers don't make the world a better place. We don't have to, it's not our job to do any of that.

Looking for "relevance"? Then what the hell are these people doing poking their noses at blogs like mine and those blogs mentioned in the paper the other day?

Wrong place buddy. Looking for shit? Go to a toilet and leave the rest of us on our front porches.

PS. Just in case there's any misunderstanding, I'm NOT dissing the more serious blogs. They're doing a good thing and are good to read. More power to them.

I'm just saying that it's a little to much to expect every blog out there to be like Screenshots, that's all.

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