Thursday, September 04, 2008

Moving Off The Line

I'm officially unemployed as off 1900 yesterday evening.

It was a weird day. I was busy like hell. A lot of stuff to do. I had so many things to do I had no time to blog. I had wanted to blog from the office one final time. You know, for dramatic effect.

My colleagues organised a little do for lunch. It was nice.

Yes, it was also a very nice day.

I got to the end of day very quickly. It was a busy day. Mercifully by 5.00pm everything had petered out and by 6 I was alone. As the day drew to a close, I had this heavy feeling in the pit of my stomach. I guess it hit me at that moment. I'm never coming back there again.

My night shift colleague arrived a few minutes before 7 and we chatted for a bit. When the time came, he followed me out so that I could pass him my ID badge.

I walked out to my car and drove off with one final glance into the rear view mirror. It's an odd feeling knowing I can't go there anymore.

I like to complain about my luck but in some cases I've actually been very, very lucky. Like with my last job. I really enjoyed it and it was something I was good at. My colleagues in the IT dept are the best people anyone could wish to serve alongside off. I'm lucky to have known them. I learnt a lot from them.

I worked there six years. A lot of things happened in those six years.

I can only hope my luck will hold out for my next job, whatever that is.

I had a pretty madcap week before yesterday. I spent two days running around renewing my passport. While doing that, I discovered that my birth certificate went missing. I had misread a line in the passport receipt that I thought said you need your birth cert to pick up your passport. My dad insisted that it was the case too. I went around and did a new one. It involved a lot of driving and some time in the Gita police station to do a report.

Later, it turns out that you DO NOT have to bring a birth cert to renew a passport. The procedure is either you bring your MyKad OR your birth cert...

Well, at least I know now.

By the way, the staff at JPN and Immigration did a great job. No bullshit, no excessive waiting, no run around. Service was top notch. Even the cop that took my report was nice.

So congratulations to them all for a job well done.

I did make it a point to make my requests and ask my questions very clearly. I know this helps the counter staff to do their job. In six years of helpdesk experience I know how important it is to state things clearly and properly and to follow procedures. You'd think that this is easy and goes without saying right? Believe me, there are many, many, many people who don't know how to talk properly and convey information clearly. Believe you me, it's infuriating to deal with idiots. Seriously.

Well, my first business as an unemployed person is go see my insurance guy and pick up 1 grand check. I'm going to need that money when I hit Sibu tomorrow afternoon...

I also have 2 computers to fix.

Yep, I'm jobless yet I'm still busy...

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