Sunday, September 21, 2008


The bad thing about a night bus trip is that you can't see anything. Mercifully, the bus was comfortable and there was almost no traffic. We left Sibu at 11.30 last night.

I arrived in town at 6.20am this morning. Will be here for 2 weeks. My sea survival course will be on Wednesday at MSTS. I'm going for another med check tomorrow.

I'm currently outside this place called Madli's. It's quite nice. The wifi is quick and clear. The nasi goreng kampung special is very nice.

I can't guarantee I can get regular internet connection so updates on this blog and on Facebook will be sporadic.

I'm probably going home on the 30th is possible. I'll be busy that day posting resumes and seeing people about future employment. Can't wait to be home. Got a lot of pictures to post.

I'll update whenever possible.

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