Sunday, August 31, 2008

Uncharted Waters


It's shutdown week here at the factory. I walked about the factory just now and there was NOBODY around. Not a single living soul. It's a bit creepy.

I am bored now. Therefore I will post. This post will bring the post count to an even 12 so might as well.

Is the Immigration Dept open tomorrow? I need to go and do my passport.

I nearly deleted the post I put up this morning. I don't like the way it sounded. It doesn't flow very well. I'm not so good at being articulate when I'm bored I guess.

Last night I was at Fariah's checking out some of the merchandise that Syuk brought down from Bintulu. I can't say what the "merchandise" is. Let's just say they are very "interesting".

Anyway, we were there and The Red Kebaya was playing on TV. It's too bad we didn't catch the movie from the beginning. I remember I really wanted to watch it when it came out in 2006. What little of the movie we watched last night was quite good.

I'm going to start clearing my stuff out from the office today. It's a good thing there's nobody around. I would feel rather sad if people were around. It's going to feel odd leaving this place.

I've been here 6 years. A lot of things happened. I learned a lot too. I truly enjoyed my job here. It's quite sad when I remember all the things that happened while I was here. Just about the only thing I can complain about is the pay. If I got paid 20-30% more I would be staying for sure.

I hope that my next job would be as good and as rewarding as this. I'm really hoping that the experience I earned here will serve me well.

I will need to go to work one more day next Thursday and that would be a wrap. The week after that is going to be very, very interesting...

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