Thursday, September 18, 2008


I went to do my Marine Dept. medical check up just now. I nearly failed it.

See, I wear specs and I haven't changed the prescription for a long, long time. In the morning I went and failed the eye test. Badly. I can see well enough with both eyes open but apparently I'm a little bit blinder with only one eye especially my left.

So I now have new specs. It's pretty cheap to get new specs here in Sibu.

In the afternoon I went back to the clinic with my new specs. My right eye was ok but I still failed with my left. If it weren't for the nurse's help I would've officially failed it. After picking up the results I went back to the optical place and got my left lens redone. The guy was very nice about it. He didn't charge me for the new lens.

So now I'm wearing my redone specs and trying to get used to them. I feel slightly sick.

I'm amazed at how fast it is to make new glasses these days. Last time I had to wait for a few days for my new specs to be ready. Now it takes 30 minutes. That's technology for ya.

The new specs cost me 200 bucks. The med check cost 97 bucks. I'll post a pic of the new specs in Fesbook later.

Fesbook is going to be so very useful.

Oh yes, I didn't go to class today. I didn't have to. Today the boys had their oral and practical assessment. I passed them all yesterday so our instructor told me to take the day off. I think this the first time ever an instructor signed my attendance for me. I did quite well over the last two weeks. So well in fact, the instructor kept telling everyone to go ask me if the rest of the boys have questions.

Hopefully I'll do as well when/if I end up at sea.

We still got the written exam tomorrow morning. Should be a piece of cake but I ain't telling the other boys.

By the way, there are some really cool people in class. And some others not so cool... And some people are really, really dumb...

I've been in contact with my brother and Will over the last 2 weeks. Both of them are at sea at the moment. They both gave me very, very useful information and their assistance will be very, very important during my job hunt.

Next week we go to Miri and MSTS to attend our OPITO approved sea survival course for three days. After that, pass my resume to the company my brother and Will are at. Go there and talk to the HR boss. After that, home.

And hopefully a few weeks after that, wild blue...

I can't wait to get all this over with.

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