Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I'm sitting in the Boulevard Sugar Bun using the KFC wifi. Miri is a lot like Kuching with significantly less traffic. It's a little smaller but like Kuching, it's quite spread out. I get a sense of wide open spaces when I'm in town. Not cramped and "narrow" like Sibu.

It's very, very inconvenient to stay in a place with no internet access. And when you don't have your own transport. Miri would be a lot more fun if I had my own car. The night life looks very interesting and we've been to some really cool places to hang out.

Public transport is as non-existent here as in the rest of the state.

I've been busy doing med checks and getting familiar with the town. Being driver around is ok but I think the best way to get to know a strange new urban area is to roll up the trousers and leg it.

Actually, I have many things to write about but it's hard when I don't have time to myself. When I go home, I'm going to value my alone down time a little bit more.

My sea survival course starts tomorrow and MSTS. I hope time rushes by quickly. I'm tired of being surrounded by people all the time.

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