Saturday, September 13, 2008

End of Week One

It's the end of my first week in Sibu. Learn a lot of new things. Luck is still on my side. Made some new friends in class. Am doing quite well with class at the moment. Our instructor is excellent. Most excellent.

As the course went on, my plans for the future is solidifying. I can see it very clearly now.

I'm also more aware of the risks. Weather, accidents, pirates. You know, the usual stuff. I guess that's why seaman earn so much.

Some of our classmates are in fact already working. Two of them are on rigs and at least two more are part of tanker crews. Their employers sent them here for certification. They tell the most amazing stories I've ever heard.

Some seaman and off shore oil and gas workers earn obscene amounts of money. 100, 200, 400 bucks a day. US dollars. For 14, 21, 30, 60 even 90 days at a stretch.

That's some crazy shit.

It's odd when I think about me going to work at sea.

My dad used to work for the Marine Department and he had many seafaring friends. It's a strange twist of fate. Now my brother is offshore and if things go well I will be to. My youngest brother is thinking about going too.

A long time ago when I was fresh out of Form 5, my dad suggested that we become seamen. Mom would have none of it. I had none of it either.

And now all these years later... It's funny when I think of it.

Obviously I don't want to tempt fate but if things keep progressing the way they have been, looks like Dad would get his wish finally.

One more week to go.

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